Policy of safety and food quality

"Mirotin-Tisa" Ltd. is basing business success and further development on the milled corn products conform to customer requirements, to the requirements of laws and normative documents relating to quality and product safety.

Orientation and goal of "Mirotin-Tisa Ltd. has become synonymous with quality, safety and hygiene products in the market of Serbia and neighboring countries.

This objective of "Mirotin-Tisa" Ltd. realizes the implementation and continuous improvement of quality management systems conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and quality management system ISO 22000:2005 food safety, including:

  • identifying and managing processes that contribute to meeting the needs of users and implementing of measures to increase customer satisfaction,
  • managing of security of products, making it healthy and good quality for the user,
  • achieving of leadership role of management,
  • active participation of employees in the planning, implementation and evaluation of all activities in the product realization processes to achieve the set goals,
  • identification and management of processes and resources which are required for implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the applied systems,
  • continuous improvement of product quality, continuous modernization of equipment and staff training,
  • decision-making based on analysis of data and information
  • implementation of permanent and adequate communication with customers (both with suppliers and with customers) with goal to use the achievements of modern technology and practices, contributing to expansion of business and technical cooperation, by which we are known in the market.